Quietways are walking and cycling routes that have been identified where traffic is generally quieter, primarily using ‘lightly trafficked back streets’, through parks and alongside waterways and are designed to appeal particularly to new and inexperienced cyclists.The  routes will form part of a London wide network of quietways and superhighways being developed jointly by London Boroughs and Transport for London (TfL).

Kent House area quietway cycle route improvements 

In November 2018 we wrote to residents concerning changes to the proposals for the Greenwich to Kent House cycle route around the Kent House/Cator Park area that had been made in response to feedback received in the January 2018 quietway consultation. The main changes were to reduce the speed limit in the area to 20mph to improve safety, especially around the schools and stations in line with the council’s targeted approach to 20mph; introduction of a parallel zebra crossing on Kings Hall Road for both pedestrians and cyclists and segregation of the cycle route from traffic on Lennard Road. Additionally in response to local concerns we confirmed that lighting would not be introduced to Cator Park as had originally been proposed.

Further to this we have revised our proposals for the 20mph limit area to extend eastwards along Kings Hall Road to Bailies Place.  We believe that this is a logical start of the 20mph where the street character changes significantly. We will however keep speeds and collision records in the area under review to determine if further intervention is required on the section of Kings Hall Road between Bridge Road and the start of the 20mph limit.  Download the revised plan 

Quietways delivery

It is intended to deliver the quietway during spring/summer 2019 with works set to begin first on the 20mph and zebra crossings in the Kent House area. Following this we will move on to deliver the Kangley Bridge Road shared path.  The news follows initial consultation about quietways in the early part of 2018.

We are also working with Southeastern to deliver improved secure cycle parking at Kent House station as a complimentary project.