Online forms: Application for a council tax discount for school leaver under 20 years of age

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If you, or a young person who lives with you, is over 18, and under 20 years of age, you may qualify for a discount if all of the following apply:

  • you are on a qualifying course of education
  • you are required to be in attendance for at least 12 hours a week
  • the course must last for at least three months
  • Child Benefit is still payable.

Pupils that leave school after 30 April will continue to be exempted until 1 November.

To apply for the exemption please complete this form and send/e-mail us a copy of proof of child benefit and a letter from the educational establishment stating the number of hours you attend, the start and end date of your course and your date of birth.

More information on council tax discounts and exemptions.