Online forms: Application for a council tax discount for a member of the visiting forces

A person is disregarded or not counted for council tax purposes if he or she has a relevant association within the meaning of the Visiting Forces Act 1952, with a visiting force from one of the countries to which the act applies. 

'Relevant association' means that the person is:

a member of that force or a member of a civilian component of that force.

a dependant of a member, provided that the dependant is not a British citizen or is not ordinarily resident in the UK.

If one of the occupiers who would be liable to pay the council tax is a person associated with a visiting force, the property is exempt even though other people may live in the property.

This disregard can only have an effect where the person associated with the visiting force is not a liable person for council tax. For example, where a member of a visiting force lodges with a British citizen.

If the dependant of the member of the visiting force is a British citizen, the disregard does not apply.

NOTE: Discounts will NOT apply if at least two people over 18 who live in the same property are counted for council tax purposes.

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