Online forms: Application for a council tax discount for a person in detention

If you have registered and are logged in to the MyBromley Account, before completing this form, your details will be pre-filled saving you time! You can also save your form and return to it later to complete or review. A person who is in detention may be disregarded - that is, not counted - for council tax purposes.

To qualify, the person must be detained for one of these reasons:

  • detained in prison or hospital by order of a court
  • detained under the Mental Health Act 1983
  • detained under the Deportation Provision of Immigration Act 1972
  • imprisoned, detained or in custody for more than 48 hours under the Army Act 1955, the Air Force Act 1955 or the Naval Discipline Act 1957.

This discount will not apply if:

  • a person is in police custody before his or her first court appearance
  • or if he or she is detained for non-payment of Council Tax or a fine.

To apply for the discount please complete this online form.  

NOTE: Discounts will NOT apply if at least two people over 18 who live in the same property are counted for council tax purposes.

More information on council tax discounts and exemptions.