Online forms: CCTV Initial Enquiry

You can use this form to enquire whether an incident was caught on camera and held by the London Borough of Bromley.

Before completing this enquiry please make sure you have the following information ready;

1. Proof of identity - (photo ID - passport, driving licence or similar)
If you are an agent (i.e. insurance company) please upload a letter confirming your authority to act on behalf of your client providing full details of the client in question.

2. Proof of residence - (Recent utility bill, or other proof of current address)

3. Proof of ownership - If this relates to your property or vehicle, you will be required to submit proof of ownership, lease, or tenancy.

4. Your payment details - You will be required to make a payment of £10.00 for this enquiry.

If you are an insurer, or other agent, requesting footage on behalf of your client you will be required to provide a letter on letter-headed paper confirming your clients details, basis for which you seeking this information, and confirming that you are authorised to request this information by your client. Further evidence may be sought by the London Borough of Bromley if required. 

If the incident is held, and footage required, a further charge of £50.00 will be payable within 31 days of the initial enquiry response prior the supply and release of the footage. CCTV enquiries will normally be completed and responded to within 5 working days.

Please be aware that CCTV footage is held for a maximum of 31 days, after which it is destroyed. If the incident you wish to enquire about occurred more than 31 days ago, please do not submit an enquiry, as the footage will have already been destroyed.