Online forms: Noise report form

If you have registered and are logged in to the MyBromley Account, before completing this form, your details will be pre-filled saving you time! You can also save your form and return to it later to complete or review.

You can use this form to report certain noise problems.   You should only report persistent problems, not one off incidents or cases you have already completed log sheets for.

We can we take action on;

  • Domestic noise like amplified music
  • barking dogs
  • noise from DIY
  • loud televisions

If the noise is happening right now and is from either a noisy party, intruder alarm or car alarm, amplified music from pubs, nightclubs or restaurants, construction and demolition noise please refer to our out of hours emergency number.

Advice and further information about dealing with noise problems.

Once you have submitted your form you will be sent log sheets within 3 working days of reporting your complaint to us which will then need to be completed and returned to us.  Further information about how we investigate noise complaints.

Please be aware that by completing this form you are also agreeing to attend court to give evidence, if necessary.