Application for a council tax student discount

You can use this form to request a council tax student discount. How does council tax classify a student?

Types of students

The types of students that qualify are explained below.  The discount assumes that there is only one adult in the property with the student (25% discount) or all of the occupiers are students (full exemption). 

Full-time students 

If you are a student you may qualify for a council tax discount if you satisfy ALL of these criteria: 

• your course of education lasts for at least one academic year or one calendar year

• you are required to undertake the course for at least 24 weeks each year

• you are required to undertake at least 21 hours of study each week.

In order to apply for this exemption please complete this form and send/e-mail us a student certificate for each student. 


More information about council tax student discount.