Frequently asked questions Civic Centre car park

How does Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) work?

The vehicle number plate is captured by a camera at the entrance and the barrier raises automatically. Paper tickets are not required for display or payment purposes. As the motorist approaches the exit, after making payment, (if required), the camera at the barrier reads the registration plate and raises automatically.


The intercom system at the exit barrier operates 24 hours a day with advisors on hand to assist motorists with any issues they may have with exiting the car park.

How can I make payment?

There are four pay stations in the car park; two accept cards and coins and two accept cards only. Motorists intending to make cash payments must have the correct coins with them on their return to the car park, as the pay stations do not give change and do not accept notes. Motorists can also register and pay through the APCOA Connect online cashless payment service.

Where are the pay stations located?

There are two pay stations located on level three near the link bridge to The Glades shopping centre; one accepts cards and coins and the other accepts cards only. The pay station on the ground floor at the bottom of the stairwell near the pedestrian exit onto Stockwell Close accepts cards only. The pay station on level 1 near the main entrance/exit accepts cards and coins.

Blue Badge holders

Please register for your entitlement to free and unlimited parking in the Civic Centre car park.

To register:

  • Create a permit account through the Bromley permit portal - choose ‘resident’ if you live in the borough or ‘non-resident’ if you live outside the borough 
  • Apply for your Blue Badge permit - you will need the first six digits of your Blue Badge number and your vehicle registration number
  • You can add up to three vehicle registration numbers to your permit, but please ensure that you have selected the vehicle you are using on any given day through your account before entering the car park, otherwise your permit will not be recognised at the exit and the barrier will not raise automatically to allow you to leave.

What if there is an emergency?

Please dial 999 for the emergency services or see our emergency contacts information.