You can use this form to submit an online application for a standard child performance and activities licence.

Please note that attachments must not be bigger than 18MB in total, your form will fail to submit if they go over this size.

In response to recent government advice, and in compliance with social distancing rules, London Borough of Bromley will consider applications for:

• Home-generated content with no production personnel present.
• Outdoor content with minimal crew present wearing PPE and with social distancing of 4m2 in place.
• Indoor/studio (but not child’s home) shoots with minimal crew present (wearing PPE if close to a child) and with social distancing of 4m2 in place.

We will not issue licences for children to perform in other households where the resident is present as this does not comply with the ‘bubble’ rule.

Each consideration will be made on a case by case basis and will be subject to strict risk assessment. Any licence issued will be subject to revocation should future government updates indicate the type of performance would represent a risk to the child.

The law states that 21 days’ notice is required. Recognising the nature of the business, Bromley has taken into account the Department for Education advice for local authorities together with the Examples of Best Practice guidance issued by the Department for Education in conjunction with several stake holders, including production companies. This means as a Local Authority we guarantee a 10 working days’ turn around but will endeavour to manage the process within 7-9 working days where the situation is urgent.

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