This consultation is now closed. Visit the woodland establishment consultation frequently asked questions for further information on how the feedback received was considered during the design process.

The council is proposing this woodland establishment project to further green the borough and provide long-term benefits that will support the council’s Net Zero vision, including:

  • Providing essential habitats for wildlife and plants
  • Adding recreational spaces
  • Mitigating flood risk
  • Supporting improvements to air quality
  • Providing carbon offset benefits

There are three proposed sites for woodland establishment:

  • Edgebury Grazing Lands, Slades Drive, Chislehurst, BR7 6JY
  • Kemnal Road, Imperial Way, Chislehurst, BR7 6JR
  • World’s End Lane, Chelsfield, BR6 6AS

Each of these sites have been previously used as grazing land but have been under-used in recent years.

Working with a Forestry Agents Maydencroft, the council has developed concept designs for each of these sites and provided further site descriptions to help explain the vision for woodland establishment at these locations. Following a successful consultation period held from March to April 2024, the concept designs have subsequently been updated and were submitted to the Forestry Commission on 2 July 2024.

Subject to the Forestry Commission’s approval of the proposals, the council is looking to apply to England Woodland Creation Offer grant to secure the necessary funding required to deliver the Woodland Establishment Projects. It is anticipated that this application will be submitted over the coming months and further information on timeline for delivery will be available.

Woodland establishment proposals and concept plans