Beckenham High Street between Beckenham Junction and the War Memorial Roundabout has undergone a transformational change. 

The £4.4m scheme was funded by Bromley Council in partnership with Transport for London. The design and implementation was in close collaboration of the Beckenham Town Centre Working Party and the organisations that attend it.   

The scheme objectives were to:

  • Strengthen the role of the street as a traditional local High Street and reduce its function as a through route for traffic to other locations.
  • Support and develop the local business community by increasing pedestrian footfall day and night.
  • Providing a safer and more attractive environment for pedestrians.

Improvements have included:

  • The carriageway has been standardised in width and enabled the pavements to be widened.
  • All the pavements have been re-laid in high quality paving and the road itself has been resurfaced.  
  • Pedestrian crossings have been widened and crossing distances reduced. New controlled and zebra crossings have also been introduced.
  • New street lighting and architectural feature lighting have been introduced.
  • New street trees, benches and planters have been introduced.
  • The planters on Beckenham Green have been rebuilt and landscaped and new infrastructure for markets has been introduced.
  • Improved bus waiting spaces.

Since the improvements benefits have seen:

  • Recorded increases in pedestrian footfall.
  • New businesses have opened.
  • Existing shops and cafe have invested in up grading their interiors and facades.
  • Widened pavements have enabled cafes and restaurants to have licensed seating outside on the pavement.

The overall impact has been the High Street become a busier more vibrant local community asset. Opportunities for further works will be sought where funding is available.

View the drawings for the Beckenham High Street Improvement scheme