Media contacts for Bromley Council

For enquiries from press and media only.

Care Services

Social care services for adults and older people, including those with learning disabilities and mental health, carers issues. Oversees the council’s housing and homelessness responsibilities, and relationships with housing associations and the health service. Also covers fostering, adoption, children and family social care

Susie Clark  020 8461 7911


Education matters including training and learning outside the school environment for young people, including pre-school learning. Includes school places planning, admissions, education welfare services, special educational needs, early years development and childcare, youth services and youth offending services, standards and effectiveness in schools and those education services provided via partnerships. Academies programme and free schools. Also further education and lifelong learning.

Susie Clark 020 8461 7911


Improving and maintaining the environment: waste and recycling; street services (cleansing, graffiti removal and abandoned vehicles); transport (traffic, road safety and parking); parks and open spaces.

Andrew Rogers 020 8461 7670

Renewal and Recreation

Town centres; business regeneration and employment opportunities; leisure, culture and libraries; planning and development control including property matters; land and valuation services; planning applications.

Andrew Rogers 020 8461 7670

Public Protection and Safety

Safer Bromley Partnership working together with agencies such as the police, fire and health. Covers Community Safety, antisocial behaviour, environmental health, trading standards and licensing.

Susie Clark 020 8461 7911


Covers all financial, legal and human resources issues including the setting of council tax, payroll and pensions. Includes registration services.

Susie Clark 020 8461 7911

Executive and leader's remit

Communications relating to the Leader of the Council

Susie Clark 020 8461 7911

Health and Wellbeing Board

The board manages strategic approach to how health and wellbeing issues managed across the borough – set up in local authorities as part of Government reforms bringing together the council, GPs and relevant partners. Focus is on health borough’s health priorities. Oversees integration of health and social care.

Susie Clark 020 8461 7911