The Safer Bromley Partnership was set up in line with the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 to ensure that the public sector agencies, voluntary groups and businesses work together with local communities to reduce crime and improve safety.

Members of the SBP include chief officers from the Council, Police, Health, Probation, Fire Service, Ambulance Service, Metropolitan Police Authority and Affinity Sutton. The SBP is co-chaired by the London Borough of Bromley Assistant Director for Public Protection and the Metropolitan Police Superintendent, and the vice-chair is the London Fire Brigade Borough Commander.

The vision

The Safer Bromley Partnership is committed to continuously improve safety in Bromley. We want a borough where people can live, work, play and learn safely.

The aims

In seeking to achieve this vision the partnership has established the following 4 aims which all the partner agencies will work towards.

  1. To increase public confidence that Bromley is becoming a safer place.
  2. To reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and the harm caused by drugs and alcohol.
  3. To have safer, well-maintained public spaces and town centres.
  4. Work in partnership with local communities in high crime areas and empower local communities in local decision-making.

The priorities

In meeting the aims of the Strategy, the Partnership has identified the key priorities

  • reducing crimes against the person
  • reducing property related crime
  • reducing anti-social behaviour
  • reducing problematic drug and alcohol use
  • reduce youth crime and victimisation
  • increase community reassurance and engagement

Serious Violence Duty

Safer Bromley Strategy 2020 to 2023

The Safer Bromley Partnership Board (SBPB) is a statutory partnership set up under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998; the overarching aim is to ensure that Bromley continues to be one of the safest boroughs in London. There is also a statutory requirement to prepare and implement a local Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy every 3 years (known locally as the Safer Bromley Partnership Strategy).

The strategy encompasses priorities that tackle both high volume crime and high harm crimes which reinforce the commitment to tackle serious violence, vulnerability and exploitation in the borough. This is delivered through delivering the work streams within the Violence Reduction Action Plan, the Violence Against Women and Girls strategy, the Youth Justice Strategy and the Police led Violence Reduction Team.

Serious Violence Duty

The Home Office brought forward at the end of 2022 new legislation to tackle serious violence. The Serious Violence Duty (SVD) was ratified and came into force on 31 January 2023 across the England and Wales. The duty aims to ensure all partners work together to share data, intelligence and knowledge to understand and address the rot causes of serious violence.

In fulfilling our duty we have developed a Bromley Community Safety Strategic Assessment which proposes the following strategic priorities:

  • Prevention - build resilient communities by delivering a comprehensive crime prevention programme to improve safety.
  • People - protect people by delivering targeted early intervention to people who are at high risk of being impacted or affected by crime.
  • Places - be stronger together by designing and delivering targeted crime and disorder reduction measures in collaboration with communities in areas with the highest levels of reported crime and disorder.

The new strategy is currently subject to a consultation which closes on 14 February 2024 and feedback is being invited on these proposed priorities.

Safer Bromley Partnership 2024 to 2027 Strategy Development Consultation

The draft 2024 to 2027 strategy was presented to the Safer Bromley Partnership on 6 December 2023. The draft strategy is summarsied on a Plan on a Page together with a Draft Delivery Plan.

This Plan on a Page evolved from the SBP Strategic Development Workshop which was held on 16 November 2023. It’s a live document and will be updated following feedback from workshop attendees. It includes the findings of the 2023 Strategic Assessment.

Safer Bromley Partnership

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