Our cemeteries service is able to provide information and assistance with a variety of memorials.  Our staff would be happy to assist if you wish to provide a memorial.


Most people choose to erect a memorial stone, with the name and details of the departed, along with private words or a short poem.  A memorial headstone can be erected on a grave about nine months after interment, when the ground has settled.  The Cemeteries Service is unable to provide a masonry service but can supply a list of suitable stonemasons.  Before your mason begins work the council must approve the design and wording.

For full memorial graves (graves not in the lawn section) we can provide two maintenance services:

  • a general up-keep service to keep the grave tidy and weeded; and
  • flower planting on the grave top twice a year.

There is an annual fee for both of these services. Please contact us for cemetery fees and details of charges.

We also offer memorials such as engraved plaques and benches, for more information please contact us.

Cemeteries office contact

Address: Cemeteries office, High Elms Country Park, Shire Lane, Orpington, BR6 7JH

Telephone: 01689 853617

Memorial benches or plaques contact

Telephone: 01689 862815