Physical disability


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Age UK Bromley & Greenwich

Runs support planning and brokerage services. These are for people who do not meet the council’s eligibility criteria to receive services and/or are funding their own care.The services support people to identify their needs, and, if required, will broker the services that the individual has chosen.

Support offered may include providing information and advice, help to find carers or help within the home, tapping into local networks, welfare benefit checks, and emotional support and reassurance. Services brokered may be a mixture of free and paid-for services. If paid for, they will be provided by vetted and approved agencies.

Referrals can be made by the individual who wants support, relatives, friends, as well as health and social care professionals.

Bromley Mencap 

An independent registered charity working with and on behalf of disabled people. They are based in London Borough of Bromley and run a wide range of services for disabled people of all ages, carers and their families. They also campaign and provide support around representation to ensure the views of disabled people are heard and taken on board.