Common questions about being a carer

Would I get paid for being an adult placement carer?
Yes, you would receive payments, between £330 and £600 per week, when someone is placed with you. These will be on a four weekly basis and will go straight into your bank account. For long term support the overall payment will be made up of three parts: Housing Benefit, a contribution from the service user towards board and the payment from London Borough of Bromley. Respite and day support are paid as a whole.

I already care for someone, would this affect my application?
We do have placements where the carer is already a foster carer or supports a family member. The time and the amount of support you can provide are the things to consider, and will be addressed in your assessment process.

How many service users could I support in my home?
The scheme allows each carer to provide support for up to three adults who are vulnerable. Each person would have to have their own room.

I work part/full time, would I still be able to be an adult placement carer?
Carers can work full time but services users placed with those working full time will need to have a high level of independence. Or if they have a partner, adult or child who does not work and are approved as a joint secondary carer, This will be discussed further throughout the assignment. Carers need to be able to attend training throughout the assessment process and ongoing training as required.

I am retired and receive a pension, could I be an adult placement carer?
Yes, you can.  As you would be self employed you would need to take advice from an accountant or the tax office about paying tax and making national insurance contributions if appropriate.

I have a spare bedroom in my house but I live in a rented property, will this stop me from being a carer
Not necessarily. Your tenancy agreement should provide more information and  you will require written permission from your landlord

I have a mortgage would being a carer affect this?
You will require written permission from your mortgage lender to be able to let out a room for the Shared Lives scheme.

Would I be an employee of London Borough of Bromley?
No. You would be self employed and responsible for organising your own tax and national insurance. We also require you to join the national organisation SharedLivesPlus for your insurance requirements.

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