Scootsure is a playground activity carried out in school during lesson time with children in Year 2 and Year 3.

It is intended to improve awareness for riders and pedestrians, making scooting to school a viable, active and sustainable alternative to using the car.

The main objectives of Scootsure are:

•    Safety Checks
•    Starting, stopping and turning
•    Looking over shoulders
•    Sharing pavement space
•    Footway hazards
•    Crossing roads and driveways

Scootsure is available to all schools that currently have, or are working towards, a valid STARs School Travel Plan. To register your school’s interest for this academic year or if you require more information relating to Scootsure or School Travel Plans, please contact School Travel Plans.

Applying for Scootsure

If you've received information from your school about a forthcoming Scootsure course, please complete the Scootsure training request form.

Please note completion of this request does not mean your child will automatically receive a place. Places are allocated on a first come first serve basis and if successful you will receive full course confirmation by email. 

All participating pupils must provide their own fully operational scooter and suitable cycle/skate helmet. Sharing of equipment is not permitted.