Smart Movers is a primary school incentive scheme which rewards children aged 4 to 11 years for travelling by all forms of active transport.

The modes of travel are: Walking, Scooting, Cycling, Park and Stride, Public transport.

Travelling by one of the above modes of transport ten or more times a month makes a child a Smart Mover and eligible for one of our special badges!

Our badges have a new design every month and the theme of the badges changes each year. Many pupils in borough will try to collect the whole set throughout the year.

Why Smart Move to School?

  • quality time for family and friends for sharing experiences
  • allow parents to teach children valuable road safety skills 
  • enable children to develop confidence and independence 
  • encourage lifelong healthy habits and reduce car-dependency
  • save parents hundreds of pounds in fuel costs
  • teachers find that children who walk are more alert, relaxed and ready to start the day than those who travel by car
  • research also suggests children who walk to school are more aware of their local community and surroundings.

We currently have 27 primary schools taking part in the project and all schools are eligible to take part in the scheme as long as they have a valid school travel plan.

We invite schools to register their interest in joining our waiting list for the project by emailing our road safety team. 

Road safety

Address: Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley, BR1 3UH

Telephone: 020 8313 4546