Voter ID - frequently asked questions

Can I use a poll card as ID?

No, it must be an approved form of photographic ID.

What if my appearance has changed on my photo ID?

If you look totally different on your ID, we recommend that you apply for Voter Authority Certificate before the deadline, 6 working days before an election, to prevent you from not being able to vote.

My name is different on my photo ID to the electoral register, what should I do?

If in any doubt about whether your identification will be accepted, please contact the elections team.

Can I use an expired document?

Yes, as long as the photo is still a good likeness.

My passport and driving licence show the wrong address, is this ok?

Yes, as long as the photo is still a good likeness. The photo ID is to check your identity not your address.

I don’t want to risk losing my ID, can I bring a photocopy?

Whatever form of ID you bring must be the original, no copies or electronic versions will be accepted.

What happens if I forget or lose my ID on the day?

If you forget to take your ID to the polling station you will have to leave and return with your ID to be able to vote. If you have lost your ID we may be able to help. Please contact us.

Can I get a Voter Authority Certificate on the day?

No, applications for a Voter Authority Certificate will not be accepted after the deadline, 6 working days before an election. So that it is received in time, please complete your application as soon as possible if you need Voter Authority Certificate.

What if I lose my Voter Authority Certificate?

We recommend you keep your Voter Authority Certificate as safe as you would any other form of official identification. However, if this happens please contact us.

I would like my identity checked in private, is this possible?

Yes, polling stations will have procedures in place for electors who wish to have their ID checked in private. This may be achieved in a variety of ways depending on the room being used, for example, by either using a privacy screen or a separate room. Please just let the polling station staff know.

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