In Bromley everyone is part of our borough.

We are proud to have:

  • a culture and history that excites
  • a diverse and evolving population

We are proudly building:

  • a progressive and inclusive community
  • equity in opportunities and access

We welcome everyone and want everyone to feel welcome.

Our active underpinning approach

We believe Bromley must be a fair and inclusive borough for everyone. That's why we are proactively working to make the community a welcoming place where everyone feels they belong.

We value the difference that everyone brings to the borough. That's why we recognise and celebrate diversity, individuality and cultural history of all parts of our community.

We strive for everyone to have equity in access to services. That's why we are making our information accessible so that everyone knows how to access all services across our community.

We aspire for everyone in our borough to live free from discrimination. That's why we have zero tolerance for discrimination and we are shining a light on unconscious bias across the community.

Things we are doing

We put the people we serve at the heart of our work. We do this through our people first, empathetic leadership approach to create a fairer borough.

We understand who lives, works and studies in the borough. We do this by gathering data and intelligence from a range of different places.

We make sure that we consider everyone when we make decisions. We do this through our equality impact assessments which evidence our thinking and which supports the delivery of our Making Bromley Even Better priorities.

We are an inclusive employer and have a workforce which represents our community. We do this by having an open and transparent recruitment process which ensures there is equity in access.

We involve everyone when we plan and review services. We do this by asking people to tell us what they think about our services and having a clear complaints process.

We make information about services and support accessible to everyone. We do this by providing our information in both digital and non-digital channels and in a range of targeted formats.

We understand our cultural and individual unconscious bias. We do this through training our staff and having open, honest and challenging conversations.

Our progress

We will publish an annual review of our progress. It will be presented to our Executive so that we can publicly present and debate our progress.

A shared responsibility

Everyone who is part of the council puts equality and equity at the heart of their day-to-day work and when they make decisions. This applies to everything we do as:

  • an employer
  • a service provider
  • a commissioner of services a regulator and inspector
  • a community leader


Are responsible for the policy and ensuring that adequate resources are provided for its implementation.

Chief officers

Are responsible for overseeing implementation of the policy and monitoring progress.


Are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of their services comply with the policy.


Are responsible for ensuring fairness towards colleagues, service users and other members of the community.

Service providers

Are responsible for ensuring that their service provision and employment practices are consistent with the policy