Waste collections for flats above shops

For households above shops, or other properties without outside storage space, we provide weekly refuse collections across the borough, but we do not collect recycling.

If you have recycling, please take it to one of the nearby recycling sites or to Waldo Road reuse and recycling centre or Churchfields Road reuse and recycling centre.

If you have something bigger to dispose of and cannot give it to charity or transport it yourself, book a bulky waste collection with us. Prices vary but we’ll collect and dispose of it properly and safely for you.

Please leave your waste out for collection only on the specified collection day as the longer a refuse sack is left out, the more likely it is for problems to arise.

Also, leaving it out on a non-collection day means it could be treated as fly-tipping and you could be prosecuted.

Recycling trial from 16 September 2020

If you live in a flat above a shop, or in a home with its entrance directly onto the street in Penge High Street in Penge, or Queensway/ Chatsworth Parade in Petts Wood, your household has been chosen to participate in a recycling trial from 16 September 2020.

Your feedback

If you are a resident taking part in this trial, we are interested in your feedback.

Please complete our survey

If you have any issues with the collection of your recycling for example, missed collection, want to order more bags or have a question about the service, please provide details using the recycling issues and enquiries form

How do I know if my home is one of these properties?

The trial properties are homes which do not currently receive recycling collections due to lack of storage space for recycling containers. If you are participating in this trial, you will be notified.

Why is the trial taking place?

We always look to expand our recycling services as it is the best option not only environmentally but financially, and we know that residents want to contribute to this as much as possible. Before extending the trial to permanent status, we must ensure it is viable, including operationally and financially too. 

We are asking residents to support the trial by:

  • Correctly separating recycling into different coloured sacks
  • Only presenting waste and recycling on allocated collection days (Wednesday in Petts Wood and Friday in Penge).

Why Penge High Street and Chatsworth Parade/ Queensway in Petts Wood?

To ensure that the trial is successful, two defined areas have been chosen.  They have been chosen on the basis of a high concentration of flats above shops, proximity to commercial entities, with two different collection days.

When and how will participating households be notified?

Residents taking part in the trial will receive two communications prior to launch. 

  • a letter and a flyer around six weeks before the trial launches (beginning of August)
  • a second leaflet including a collection calendar, along with recycling sacks one - two weeks prior to launch (beginning of September). 

The second flyer and recycling sacks will be delivered by hand, so that residents will be able to ask any questions they may have about the service.

Residents will receive two kinds of recycling sack: blue for paper and card, and orange for plastic, tins and glass. These should be presented on alternate weeks, alongside weekly refuse.

When and where should I present my recycling and waste?

Residents should follow their collection calendars which they will receive and present their recycling and waste before 7am on their day of collection. The sacks should be placed outside their property, by a clear collection point, for example, by a lamppost. 

Is the service change going to cause disruption?

As with any change, it may be possible that it might take some time for residents and operatives to get used to. This is a natural part in any transition, but we’ll have measures in place to ensure the schedule changes are carried out as smoothly as possible. If issues arise, we’ll do our best to rectify them as quickly as we can.