As part of the London Care Record, to help improve care, the council works with a range of health related partners sharing important information about your care automatically.  For selected staff in these partner organisations a single digital view of important health and care information about you is available. This means, it displays information from separate health and care systems all in one place. Professionals who are involved in your care can see this information quickly and safely, so that they can treat and care for you.

The London Care Record does not gather new information. It makes existing information more accessible, anywhere you receive care. This means those involved in your care, such as GPs, hospital staff, district nurses, and social workers will now have faster access to information about you when they’re caring or treating you. This helps them provide you with the most timely and efficient treatment.

See The London Care Record explained

The quality of your care can be improved by ‘data sharing’. This is when information about you is shared between local NHS and social care organisations who provide you with direct care. The people sharing this data are called the Direct Care Team.

The sharing of information has always happened with paper processes but digital systems are allowing us to share more relevant information about you with your direct care team. This helps them be more efficient and supports decisions that they and you make about your care. It is anticipated that by the end of 2022, all of London’s healthcare providers will be part of the London Care Record.