Home hygiene

Find tips for parents and carers on cleaning and disinfecting your home to prevent the spread of infection in the ‘Home Hygiene’ document from Community Infection Control Network (ICNA) and International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene (IFH).

For more information on home and everyday life hygiene, visit the ‘What is home and everyday life hygiene?’ webpage from IFH.

Food hygiene

Find advice on keeping safe and preventing food poisoning during cooking, cleaning and during a BBQ, and how to wash fruit and vegetables, prepare and cook food safely, and clean up afterwards.

For more information visit the ‘Food hygiene’ advice webpage from the Food Standards Agency.

Hand hygiene

For advice on hand hygiene and how best to clean your hands to prevent an infection visit the ‘How to wash your hands’ webpage from the NHS.

Try using the ‘How to wash your hands song’ from the NHS to help teach children how to keep themselves safe too by cleaning their hands.

Preventing and managing infections in adult social care settings

Find guidance on ‘Infection prevention and control in Adult Social Care settings’ on the Department of Health and Social Care (GOV.uk) webpage.

Preventing and managing infections in children's settings

Find guidance on ‘Health protection in schools and other childcare facilities’ on the UK Health Security Agency (GOV.uk) webpage.

Preventing the spread of respiratory infections at work

Find guidance on ‘Reducing the spread of respiratory infections in the workplace’ on the UK Health Security Agency (GOV.uk) webpage.

Healthcare associated infections (HCAI)

What are HCAI’s and what type of infections are associated with healthcare. Find out more about HCAI...