Why are we selling liners?

Simply to recover the costs of supplying them. At just £2.70 per roll for 50 liners (that's juat over 5p each) this is cheaper than other suppliers such as supermarkets, that can be up to twice as much. You can buy our liners from any library in the borough.

Can I use newspaper instead?

Yes, food can be wrapped in newspaper and placed in the outside container.

What about carrier bags?

No; If food is put in a carrier bag, we will not empty the bin. Plastic bags cannot be composted and will contaminate all the food waste collected which will mean it cannot be recycled. 

I'm getting through loads of liners

It's just a thought, but if you have a garden, you might want to get a compost bin for your peelings and other organic matter if you don’t have one already. Not only would it reduce the number of liners you are using, but it would also give you rich soil-like compost to naturally return valuable nutrients to the soil in your garden. Residents living within the borough of Bromley can purchase a black or green 220L or 330L compost bin for 50% of the full price and can purchase a second one for 25% of the full price.

Visit home composting for further details.

Alternatively, have you considered reviewing how much food you buy and how much the waste is costing you? There are some excellent tips on how to reduce the amount of food waste that is thrown away at www.lovefoodhatewaste.com.