Bromley Council, with the help of our residents, partner organisations and stakeholders has developed the housing strategy 2019-2029.

The purpose of this strategy is to set out what the council plans to do over the next ten years to address housing pressures in the borough, and provide good quality housing for its residents, both now and in the future. 

This housing strategy sits within a suite of corporate strategies which set out the council’s aspirations and plans for Bromley over the coming years.

The housing strategy sits alongside key corporate strategies, in particular the Local Plan. These strategies are all interrelated, requiring the successful delivery of all to achieve the council’s objectives. The strategy is supported by a number of documents which support the delivery of the measures identified.

We have identified four key priorities for us to address housing need in Bromley: 

• More homes – increasing the number of homes in Bromley 

• Better quality, more affordable homes 

• Preventing and tackling homelessness 

• Supporting vulnerable people 

What we will do to address these priorities, and how we will achieve it, is set out in the housing strategy document.

Bromley Council housing strategy 2019-2029 PDF