Each local authority in the UK has statutory responsibility for issuing official addresses in their area.  In Bromley, any new addresses or changes to addresses are done through the street naming and numbering process. 

If you want to obtain addresses for a new development, redevelopment, conversion or if you wish to change your house name, you can download the Street naming and number application pack and return the completed signed form along with the appropriate fee. Whilst we accept cheques, the preferred method of payment is by BACS. We can supply BACS details once we have confirmed the fee.

If your application involves a proposed new street name or proposed new building name then we must send your choices of name to the Fire Brigade to check that there is no duplication, conflict, awkward spelling or pronunciation. This should only take a few days. Once the Fire Brigade has responded, we will contact you to confirm which of the supplied names you can use. If the Fire Brigade objects to a name then it cannot be used and we ask for further proposed names for checking again with the Fire Brigade. If only street numbers are involved then we don't usually need to consult.

Once an address is agreed and officially issued, your letter of confirmation is also your official Street Naming and Numbering certificate. As part of issuing an address, many other official organisations are notified, including Council Tax, Electoral Register, Business Rates, Royal Mail, HM Land Registry, Ordnance Survey, the utilities and emergency services. Please note that HM Land Registry require the property owner to contact them directly as well, before making any change.

Please note that the Royal Mail, not the local authority, is responsible for issuing any new postcodes or change of postcodes.  They will do this once they receive confirmation from us. The Royal Mail will only add addresses to their main database as seen on the Royal Mail website once the property is occupied. There is a contact Royal Mail telephone number on the address confirmation letter sent to applicants for postcode confirmation and address activation. If you wish to add a name to a house that already has a street number, the number cannot be dropped and replaced by the name and the Royal Mail will not show the name on their main website address list.

We will update our own records, which will in turn update the National Address Gazetteer (NAG) database. This is then included within the AddressBase products maintained by the Ordnance Survey. The NAG is part of a government initiative.

Address management

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