The following notice has been issued by the Office for Product Safety and Standards.

Eleven models of life jackets sold via Amazon with brand names Nilipei, Floattop, Lixong, Rosoamy, Grelant, Ajing, Zening, Stecto, Omouboi, Wellpath and Rrtizan.

Product name (product 1)
Nilipei Fishing, Swimming, Canoe, Kayak, Rowing Lifejacket            

Product identifiers
ASIN: B0899K2LJP      

Product 1 

Product name (product 2)
Floattop 150N Inflatable Life Jacket with Integrated Deck Safety Harness  

Product identifiers

Product 2 

Product name (product 3)
Lixong Swim Vest for Adult    

Product identifiers
ASIN: B08HM3L21K   

Product 3 

Product name (product 4)
Rosoamy Life Jacket with Whistle     

Product identifiers

Product 4 

Product name (product 5)
Grelant Professional Life Jacket with Whistle           

Product identifiers
ASIN: B08FBP44RQ    

Product 5 

Product name (product 6)
Ajing Life Jacket Portable Shoulder Style      

Product identifiers

Product 6 

Product name (product 7)
Zening Life Jacket Fully Automatic Inflatable            

Product identifiers

Product 7 

Product name (product 8)
Stecto Life jacket        

Product identifiers
ASIN: B089VWW1C2  

Product 8 

Product name (product 9)
Amouboi Float Vest Buoyancy Aid    

Product identifiers

Product 9

Product name (product 10)
Wellpath Floating Vest for Kids 5-40 kg

Product identifiers

Product 10

Product name (product 11)
Rrtizan Swim Vest For Adults

Product identifiers

Product 11 

The products are classed as personal protective equipment (PPE). The products were not supplied with the required compliance documentation or markings to demonstrate that they have been adequately conformity assessed. Mandatory third-party conformity assessment is required by the relevant Regulations for those products which protect against more serious risks, the absence of such independent assessment for such a product may increase the risk to the consumer that the product may not perform as expected when relied upon to protect them from harm in the water.

The products do not meet the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment.

Corrective action
The products have been recalled from end users and the listings removed by the online marketplace (Amazon).

We recommend owners stop using these products immediately. Contact the distributor you purchased from to request redress.

Notified by
Local authority trading standards

Full notice (product 1)

Full notice (product 2)

Full notice (product 3)

Full notice (product 4)

Full notice (product 5)

Full notice (product 6)

Full notice (product 7)

Full notice (product 8)

Full notice (product 9)

Full notice (product 10)

Full notice (product 11)

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