The following notice has been issued by the Office for Product Safety and Standards.

Elgetec / Something Cosmetics Ultrapower Ionic Hair Dryer sold via TK Maxx and Homesense

Electrical appliances and equipment - Hairdryer

Additional information
The product was on sale in TK Maxx and Homesense stores between January and July 2022

Product description
Black and red hairdryer. The brand name 'Elgetec Beauty' or 'Something Cosmetics' is printed on the hairdryer and the plug is marked with a five-point star inside a circle below the red fuse cover

Elgetec Something Cosmetics 

TK Maxx is recalling the products due to a safety issue which could cause an electric shock or fire. The plug and cord do not meet required safety standards and the plug was found to contain a counterfeit fuse.

Corrective action
The product has been recalled from end users. Further information about the recall can be found online.

Notified by
Local authority trading standards

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