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Claydon Horse Exercisers Limited - Derby and Stoneleigh Model Horse Exercisers

Machinery - horse exerciser

Country of origin
United Kingdom

Product description
Claydon Horse Exercisers Limited - Derby and Stoneleigh model horse exerciser machines supplied from early 1980s onwards. Machinery consisting of four powered rotating pushers turning inside a circular ring between inner and outer fences and with an access gate for loading and unloading horses. The speed of the rotating pushers is adjustable.

Horse Exerciser 

The gate in the outer fence can be opened while the machine is in motion and the size of the mesh openings in the outer fence allow persons to reach the pushers. Users can be exposed to crushing, shearing and impact hazards from the moving pushers and their proximity to fixed structures such as the gate frame and outer fences.

A risk of serious or fatal injury can arise if a user tries to enter or exit though the gate or remains inside the horse exerciser while the pushers are moving, or if they reach through gaps in the outer fence.

There was also insufficient information and instruction available to users who may foreseeably enter the machine during cleaning and maintenance. There was no lockable electrical isolation switch provided.

The machines did not satisfy the requirements of the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008.

Corrective action
Product withdrawn from the market. Existing users contacted by manufacturer to notify them of the risks and availability of replacement parts and to provide updated user instructions.

Notified by
Health and Safety Executive

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