Lower My Drinking

Do you know how much alcohol you are drinking and how it might affect your health? Take the Lower My Drinking quiz to help you feel more informed and focused on your health and wellbeing.

If you are aged 18 or above and are a Bromley resident, the free quiz is available for you to try and based on your results, receive tailored information to help you keep your consumption under control, or help you to reduce your drinking to a healthier level.

Lower My Drinking quiz

The anonymised quiz will advise you on the level of risk associated with your alcohol consumption and will give you tips on reducing your drinking, and signpost you to relevant support available in Bromley.

You may also be given the option to download the Lower My Drinking app which has many useful tools to help you track your drinking, set goals and motivational reminders, and help you to track your progress in lowering your drinking.

Lower My Drinking app - App Store

Lower My Drinking app - Google Play

If you drink regularly, reducing your consumption even a little bit can be effective in improving your health, weight, mood, energy levels, and help you to save money too.

For anyone with concerns about their own relationship with drinking, or that of a friend or family member, support is available to help you take control of your health. The Lower My Drinking quiz and app can help you to identify which level of support is most relevant for you, and you can also find information about support services that deal with substance misuse on our health webpage.