Blue Badge Bulletin - campaign update

Published Thursday, 30 November 2017

You may remember our publicity last year which aimed to remind badge holders and anyone driving on their behalf of the important rules of the Blue Badge scheme which are commonly misunderstood.

Our communications also provided information about the joint campaign between the London Boroughs of Bromley and Bexley to prevent Blue Badge misuse and maintain the integrity of the Blue Badge Scheme. 

We would like to keep you informed of developments and to seek your views on the measures we are taking to prevent Blue Badge misuse.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave your feedback about the Blue Badge misuse campaign.

Since the launch of our Blue Badge misuse campaign in October 2015, more than 80 drivers have been caught and prosecuted in Bromley and Bexley for using a Blue Badge they were not entitled to use. Each driver subsequently received a criminal record and was ordered to pay a fine of up to £1,000. 

Councillor Huntington-Thresher, Bromley’s Executive Councillor for Environment said; “We are distributing this bulletin to help ensure that Blue Badge holders have access to the parking spaces they genuinely need.  We hear and fully appreciate the frustrations of badge holders when they observe misuse on street and in car parks across Bromley and Bexley – their response to our campaign is therefore supportive and encouraging.”

Councillor Alex Sawyer, Bexley's Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transport said; “It is very important that our badge holders ensure their badge is being used correctly. A number of prosecutions across both Boroughs demonstrates that we take this criminal offence extremely seriously. One individual was ordered to pay a total of £1,684, including costs and surcharges for using a relative’s Blue Badge in their absence to park while shopping.” 

Blue Badge misuse is a criminal offence which could lead to a £1,000 fine and confiscation of the badge.

Legal action may also be taken in circumstances where false information has been provided to acquire a Blue Badge. A court prosecution can affect employment, job prospects, visa applications for travel, insurance, etc.  

Please ensure that your badge is used only for your benefit and anyone driving on your behalf is fully aware of the following four key rules:

  1. Blue Badge holders must never allow friends or relatives to use the badge to run an errand on their behalf. 
  2. A Blue Badge should only be displayed if the badge holder is travelling in the vehicle as a driver or passenger, or for the badge holder to be picked up or dropped off.
  3. A Blue Badge should not be used by a visitor, unless they have parked to pick up the badge holder. 
  4. The badge holder should not wait in the car while a friend or relative goes shopping.  This could prevent another badge holder from parking within a manageable distance of their destination.

As a badge holder, you may have noticed that our officers are checking Blue Badges more regularly, or you may have been asked to hand over your own Blue Badge for inspection. If you are being dropped off or picked up in a vehicle and you are not around when an inspection takes place, a Civil Enforcement Officer has the right to ask the driver to hand over your badge for inspection.  We appreciate your co-operation and value your continued support with our campaign.

Please also remember to:

Return expired or cancelled badges or those that are no longer needed to the issuing authority shown on the badge immediately.

Report suspected misuse 

To report Blue Badge misuse occurring in Bromley or Bexley by phone, please call: 020 8313 4800 - calls can be made anonymously.