A policy to achieve net zero in just 5 years time, by 2027, underlining the council’s commitment to the environment, has been outlined at tonight’s council meeting.

The new target, to achieve net zero by 2027 follows the already ambitious and London leading target to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2029.  Plans to do more combined with good progress being made towards the previous 2029 net zero emissions target.  The news means that Bromley is helping lead the way in environmental action as the Clean and Green London Borough.

Councillor William Harmer, Chairman of Environment Committee said, “We are taking action which has environmental benefits and which is also carefully costed.  We are planting more trees and soon, the whole of our borough will have energy efficient LED lighting, which will also bring financial savings.  We must and are focussing on this whole area and will deliver this highly demanding net zero target for residents now and for our children.”

Councillor Harmer continued, “We have been developing successful and more demanding carbon management programmes for a number of years now and this builds on that work.  We will also look to continue to work with and help residents so that they can also play their part as indeed many residents are already doing.  It is this spirit of mutual partnership and challenge that has already helped deliver outstanding results and now we are going further.”

The news follows dramatic reduction in council emissions of 39.5 per cent was recorded last year, which has come from reduced emissions from council buildings, water and paper use, waste, and business travel.

Although the recent emissions figures were impacted by COVID-19 and related changes to council operations, they also account for recent measures implemented to reduce carbon emissions. Such measures include procuring 100 per cent green energy for council gas and electricity supplies, £1.35m street tree planting project to capture carbon, and LED street lighting upgrades, which are already preventing 600 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year and saving £380,000 in reduce energy and maintenance costs.

The council also seeks to support residents, partners and businesses in reducing their carbon footprint so that the whole borough can look to achieve net zero emissions collectively. The infrastructure for electric vehicle charging is being installed in Bromley to allow for the easy adoption of electric vehicles and work continues to improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. Further information on local initiatives and advice on reducing household emissions will also be available in due course. .

The council’s emissions figure was reported in the latest annual performance report for the council’s Net Zero Action Plan.  See the council's sustainability information and the Year 2 Net Zero Action Plan (PDF - 12.06 MB). 

For media enquiries, please contact Andrew Rogers, Head of Public Affairs, on 020 8461 7670 or email andrew.rogers@bromley.gov.uk. 

Published: 28th February 2022