Park users are being reminded that barbecues are not allowed in the borough’s parks, with other protective measures being taken to minimise the risk of fire.

The ‘no barbecue’ rule also extends temporarily in Crystal Palace Park until further notice, following concerns about grass fires.  In addition to London Fire Brigade’s own local checks, planned ‘hay cuts’ are being brought forward which will then minimise the materials which could burn, with ‘fire breaks’ also being created where possible.  Additional litter picking has also been introduced in targeted locations, where a problem has been identified, so that the risk of discarded glass products causing a fire is also minimised.  Parks visitors are also being reminded of the need not to litter and to make sure any cigarettes are put out properly and safely disposed of.

Councillor Aisha Cuthbert, Executive Councillor for Sustainability, Green Services and Open Spaces said, “We are acutely aware of the heightened fire risks and the devastation that could be caused and we are taking action to minimise this risk.  We have already had 2 grass fires locally, not on Council managed land but the risks are demonstrable.  Please do not leave litter at anytime but glass especially could cause a fire and we need to be mindful of this.  A big thank you as well to the London Fire Brigade and the Bromley team for all their work and being on constant standby to help keep us all safe.  Thank you too for the work you have done locally in checking some of the access points and other work as well.”  

Councillor Aisha Cuthbert, Executive Councillor for Sustainability, Green Services and Open Spaces added, “Please do not be tempted to break the barbecue ban - we’re asking park users to help us with this, to help keep themselves and other park users safe whilst enjoying the dry conditions and not causing damage to the park either.  If the worst were to happen, fire will quickly take hold in these conditions and therefore, please do call 999 if you spot something untoward.”

‘No barbecue’ signs have been erected in Crystal Palace Park to outline the temporary rule change over the summer period with the increased risk of fire.  Barbecues and fires are not normally permitted in any of the other 150 or so parks and greenspaces across the borough and therefore, there are no signs in these areas.

The reminder follows concerns in this very dry and hot weather period and one of the avoidable and one of the most common causes of grass fires being barbecues left unattended.



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Published: 12th August 2022