The renewal of a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for dog controls, will be introduced for a further three years from September 2023, with amendments to proposals being made following consultation

The PSPO renewal follows scrutiny at both the Public Protection and Enforcement PDS Committee and the Environment PDS Committee as well as public consultation where 3,141 responses were received, with a petition also being received. The dog controls, which are part of the council’s responsible dog ownership campaign, tackle issues such as dog fouling, and also requires dogs to be on leads on streets across the borough, with dogs also excluded from some areas, such as children’s play areas.

The revised dog control measures include walking a maximum of 3 dogs by any one person at a time with a maximum of 4 dogs for registered dog licence holders. This follows consultation responses, with 62% of respondents supporting the proposal to restrict the number of dogs that can be handled by any one person to 4 dogs. The best practice guidance that professional dog walkers should walk a maximum of 4 dogs at a time is also supported by both the RSPCA and The Dogs Trust.

Councillor Angela Page, Executive Councillor for Public Protection and Enforcement says, “I would like to thank everyone who took time, not just to respond to our consultation, but also to email with the many and varied views. This has helped shape the Dog Control Order which is coming forward and it was important for us to establish a balance between all users of our public spaces. We need dog controls which cover both our streets and parks, and these controls will help provide protection and also give the enforcement powers to tackle issues such as dog fouling. There will be ongoing engagement with dog owners and dog walkers across the borough in the coming months, to aid understanding of these controls."  

The following changes are being made to the final PSPO Dog Control Order:

  • Schedule 1 Article 5 Dog handlers - Maximum four (4) dogs - The final order has removed the restriction permitting only two (2) dogs to be off lead at any one time. Dogs are permitted off the lead in parks and greenspaces, with the exception of certain exclusion areas listed in the order (e.g. playgrounds).  Any owner/handler of dogs to be found acting in a manner so as to cause nuisance will be directed to place dogs on lead as per Schedule 1 Article 2 – Dogs on lead by direction contained within the final order.
  • Schedule 2 Article 3 Dog exclusion areas detailed waterbodies - The proposed order detailed a restricted zone of where a dog is to be kept on a lead up to 30 feet of an adjacent waterbody. The detail of thirty feet as a restricted area has been removed from the order, leaving just the actual body of water as the area dogs are excluded from entering.
  • Schedule 2 Article 3 Dog exclusion areas – Sports facilities enclosure sites. For identification purposes the list of locations also includes the description of the sport played within the enclosed site (e.g. tennis court). 

It is envisaged that the revised PSPO will come into effect in September, which will allow time for additional communications and raising awareness, including erecting signage where it is needed.

Dog control order


Notes to editors:

Once the cooling period is over, the PSPO Dog Control Legal Order will include six articles as follows:

Article 1: Dog fouling
If within the restricted area, a dog defecates in any public place at any time, the person in charge of the dog at the time must remove the faeces immediately.

Article 2: Dogs on leads by direction
A person in charge of a dog, at any time, within the restricted area must comply with a direction given to them by an authorised person to put and keep the dog on a lead for such period and/or in such circumstances as directed by that person.

Article 3: Dog exclusion areas
A person in charge of a dog must not, at any time, take that dog onto, or permit a dog to enter or to remain on, any public place detailed in schedule 2. 

  • This only pertains to the specified area within the location stated.

Article 4: Dogs on lead areas
A person in charge of a dog in any public place detailed in schedule 3 must keep that dog on a lead.

  • This only pertains to the specified area within the location stated.

Article 5: Dog handlers – Maximum 4 dogs
A person in charge of more than three dog shall be guilty of an offence if at any time, they take more than three dogs in any public place detailed in schedule 1, unless they have a licence issued by the council permitting them to be in charge of no more than four dogs.

Article 6: Dogs to be kept under proper control – Dogs on a lead
A person in charge of a dog in the restricted area shall be guilty of an offence if their dog is not kept under proper control.

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Published: 30th June 2023