An eye-catching canopy of multi-coloured umbrellas will be displayed in Bromley High Street to celebrate neurodiversity.

The first neurodiversity Umbrella Project installation in London is coming to Bromley on Tuesday 25 July to help raise awareness and understanding of the different minds in Bromley and the rest of the UK. Each display of colourful umbrellas strung together represent the one in five people who have a neurodevelopmental condition such as, ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia or tourette’s syndrome. These conditions fall under the umbrella term of neurodiversity.

Bromley Council is working in partnership with the ADHD Foundation – The Neurodiversity Charity and sponsors Hanson Regan and OPNFLO to bring the installation to Bromley this summer to help change the perceptions of neurodivergent people and to celebrate the many strengths that come from thinking differently.

As part of Bromley Council’s High Street Lates initiative that is activating the town, residents will be able to enjoy the launch of the Umbrella Project in the Bromley high street pedestrian area at 6pm on 25 July. The installation will be in situ until September and on display to be enjoyed throughout the summer holidays.

The High Street Lates initiative is part of the wider Night Time Enterprise Zone programme for Bromley Town Centre. This programme, enabling a number of events and projects in the town to boost activity after 6pm, is also promoting good work standards across the borough. Through the Umbrella Project, it is hoped that perceptions of neurodivergent people will be transformed in the workplace, schools, and other organisations to further the ongoing work in these areas happening already. 

Councillor Yvonne Bear, Executive Councillor for Renewal, Recreation and Housing said, “This uplifting visual display is a welcome addition to our programme highlighting the great experiences and events on offer in our town centre. We are proud to host this unique installation to help raise awareness of neurodiversity in Bromley and bring a delightful splash of colour to our town centre. We hope residents enjoy the display and leave with greater awareness of neurodiversity.”

Emma Weaver, Deputy CEO of The ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity said, “We are so excited for this year’s Neurodiversity Umbrella Project installation in Bromley, and are grateful for the hard work of the council, the BID, Hanson Regan and OPNFLO in bringing the display to Bromley high street; celebrating neurodiversity whilst acknowledging the difficulties that people with different minds can experience. We are also looking forward to the innovation from City Dressing to light up the umbrellas at night – something we’ve never tried before and cannot wait to see.”

To stay up to date with the neurodiversity Umbrella Project in Bromley visit, BR1lates



Published: 14th July 2023