Resident Tree Friends who are supporting the council’s tree watering programme with additional watering are being thanked for their support, with continued support being encouraged.

Around 50 litres or 11 gallons of water is being given to each newly planted tree over the summer period to help sustain the newly planted trees. Residents living near street trees are also being encouraged to provide additional water and being thanked for their Tree Friend support. The news follows the completion of last season’s tree planting work earlier this year.

Councillor Aisha Cuthbert, Executive Councillor for Environment said, “The fact that we are blessed with tree lined streets right across our borough is no accident and looking after these trees, especially the much more vulnerable newly planted trees is important. We are placing ‘Please Water Me’ reminder tags on the newly planted trees and thank you to the many residents who are already watering a tree near to where they live, including our Tree Friend support. It is welcome news that the vast majority of the newly planted trees successfully survived last summers drought, high temperature conditions, with the successful watering programme a key factor.”

Councillor Cuthbert continued, “We are hopeful that we will see even more trees prospering this year, with the summer period a key time, with watering a critical part of this. Our contractor is watering the newly planted trees but thank you as well for your support, which helps as well. If you also want to join our Tree Friends initiative, please visit our website, which would be really welcome too.”

The news follows the completion of a tree care survey which indicates that 90% of newly planted trees successfully survived last summer’s high heat drought conditions, with successful watering helping sustain these trees in the early and more vulnerable stages of their tree lives.

Residents are being reminded that tree watering is best ideally in the early morning or evening and that water previously used for washing up could be used instead of ‘fresh water’. Newly planted trees have been fitted with green watering bags, which can be filled up, allowing the water to drain slowly directly into the tree, making watering more effective.

Additionally, Tree Friends continue to work with the council to make sure that they trees are getting the best care they can get. Whether this is carrying out additional watering, removing basal growth, and even reporting issues that arise with certain trees, their invaluable assistance ensures that our trees remain healthy and continue to grow. 

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Published: 24th July 2023