If you are a Blue Badge holder, own a car and have difficulty parking near your home, you may be able to have a disabled parking bay installed.  Please be aware however that disabled bays are designated for the use of anyone holding a valid badge.

Applying for a disabled parking bay

The following criteria applies to applications for disabled parking bays: 

  • The resident must hold a valid Blue Badge.
  • The Blue Badge holder must be a driver, unless the application is on behalf of a disabled child.
  • An application will be unsuccessful if the applicant has an existing off-street parking facility, or one that can be provided at or near to their property, i.e. drive or garage.
  • A disabled bay cannot be installed in locations where there are other parking bays, or where there is high demand for parking, i.e. near a High Street.
  • The vehicle registration document must be provided and must confirm that the vehicle is registered to the address in the application. 
  • The applicant will be required to visit the council doctor, who will assess the application and requirement for a disabled bay.
  • An engineer will visit the site and a decision will be made on whether a disabled bay can be installed.  
  • There is no guarantee that a disabled bay will be granted to applicants who hold a valid a valid Blue Badge.  

Request a disabled bay 

If all the above criteria are met and you wish to apply to have a disabled bay installed please contact us.

What happens next

Applications are normally processed within a few weeks, but to complete the process, you will be required to visit to the council doctor.  This is strictly by appointment and can take several weeks depending on demand.

Once the administrative process is complete, we are required to inform Councillors and local residents to ensure there are no issues.  A Traffic Order is also required to allow enforcement of the bay.  The time taken from application to installation therefore can be several months.

Removing a disabled bay

If the disabled bay is no longer required, please inform us as soon as possible, so that we can make arrangements to remove it.

Traffic engineering

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Telephone: 020 8313 4543