The Park Mark award is given by the police to parking facilities that have achieved the standards set by the Safer Parking Scheme. The primary aim of the scheme is to prevent criminal behaviour and reduce the fear of crime within the parking environment.

Owners/operators of a car park or street parking facility must adopt an active management strategy to minimise crime. Subsequently after assessment, the police can award Park Mark status to parking facilities that are properly managed and maintained. They will also have achieved appropriate standards that contribute to reducing the opportunity for crime, as follows:

  • surveillance;
  • lighting;
  • signage;
  • cleanliness.

Currently 30 public car parks that we own and maintain have been awarded Park Mark status. Park Mark has also been awarded to the on-street parking facility in Princess Parade, Locksbottom.

For detailed information about all car parks with Park Mark status including a tick box for specialist services such as Meet & Greet, please visit Car Park Finder.