If you have found after completing the registration that there is an error in a birth, death or marriage record. It may be possible to arrange for the entry to be corrected. This can only be made when the original information is later found to be incorrect and you have proof of the error. Some corrections can be authorised locally and others have to be sent to the General Register Office for their authorisation.

Applying for a correction

First you must complete by hand (signatures are required) the relevant form available on the GOV.UK website. You will also need to provide evidence that the information is incorrect guidance is given on the Gov.UK website links. 

Birth certificate corrections

Death certificate corrections

Marriage certificate corrections


A statutory correction application incurs a fee of £75 or £90 depending on the type of correction. Please note this is a consideration fee and does not guarantee the correction will be authorised.

How to apply

Once you have completed the form and have the supporting evidence, please call the Bromley Register Office to arrange a time that you can come in to drop off the form and original supporting documents. If you do not call in advance, we may not be able to assist with your correction application and you may be asked to come back at an arranged time.

These documents will be copied, certified and returned to you there and then at the register office. You will then need to pay the relevant fee. The registration staff will be able to let you know what this will be depending on the type of correction. After this the application will either be checked locally or sent to the General Register Office, you will be contacted once a decision has been made.

Bromley registration service

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