Specific Bromley Town Centre Area Action Plan (AAP) designations and policies replaced by the Bromley Local Plan

Since the adoption of the Bromley Local Plan on 16 January 2019, some of the designations and policies in the Bromley Town Centre AAP no longer apply, details are as follows: 

Opportunity Sites (AAP) and Site Allocations (Local Plan)

Opportunity Sites A, F, G, J and L as shown on the AAP Key Diagram are replaced by Housing and Education Site Allocations as shown in Local Plan Appendices 10.2 and 10.4, respectively. *It should be noted that apart from these five sites which fall within the Bromley Town Centre boundary, all other UDP Proposal Sites are still applicable.

Retail Frontages - Primary and Secondary (UDP) and Principal and Secondary (AAP)

In all cases, the Primary and Secondary retail frontages defined in the Planning Policies Map Sets under the Bromley Local Plan falling within the Bromley Town Centre boundary replace the Primary and Secondary retail frontages defined on the AAP Key Diagram. There are no changes to the retail frontages originally shown in the AAP Key Diagram. The addresses of the properties falling within each of the frontages are listed in Appendices (10.9) of the Local Plan (PDF - 8.11 MB)

Other Designations and associated policies

The Bromley Town Centre AAP’s Business Improvement Area designation has been updated under the adopted Bromley Local Plan. Policy 84 of the Local Plan replaces Policy IA2 and the designation as it is described in the Key Diagram of the AAP.
The following designations on the Local Plan Map and the associated policies will apply within the AAP area:

  • Urban Open Space (Chapter 5 – Valued Environments) - Policy 55 - Urban Open Space
  • Local Green Space (Chapter 5 – Valued Environments) - Policy 56 – Local Green Space
  • Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (Chapter 5 – Valued Environments) Policy 69 - Development and Nature Conservation Sites
  • Areas of Archaeological Significance (Chapter 5 – Valued Environments Conservation and the built environment) - Policy 46 BE16 - Ancient Monuments and Archaeology Appendix 10.7 - Areas of Archaeological Significance 
  • Conservation (Chapter 5 – Valued Environments) - Policy 41 - Conservation Areas Appendix III - Conservation Areas and Article 4 Directions