Reducing causalities is central to Bromley’s transport priorities as set out in the Local Implementation Plan 2019, with a focus on reducing casualties killed or seriously injured (KSI) on the borough’s roads.

As London’s largest borough, with most miles of road, it is important to look at casualty rates in the context of road length and number of journeys. Casualty data for 2019 shows that Bromley has one of the lowest casualty rates in London, with 110 KSI per billion vehicle miles, which is in the top quartile.  This is a reduction of 53 per cent over the previous ten years, the second highest reduction in London.

The council has a good record of improving road safety and has focused its efforts in recent years on reducing the numbers of those killed and seriously injured through a programme of treating a number of collision hot spots and successfully delivering a road safety education programme.


Department for Transport data shows that in 2019 the numbers of KSI casualties had decreased by 41 per cent in the last ten years to 107. Provisional data for 2020 shows a historic low number of KSI casualties, but 2020 will of course be an anomaly because of Covid restrictions and the reduced number of journeys made.