Reducing road accidents amongst young people is one of our main priorities and education is key with the co-operation of schools, we deliver a comprehensive package of education across the borough as part of an ongoing road safety programme to reduce the number of young people killed or seriously injured on the borough's roads.

Driven by Consequences

Driven by Consequences (D by C), is an award-winning thought provoking event, aimed at year 12 students (aged 16-18) that are learning to drive or have recently passed their test. The hard-hitting day focuses on the consequences of dangerous driving, graphically illustrated through workshops, highlighting the dangers of young drivers and motorcyclists making certain choices, including driving under the influence of drink and drugs.

Thousands of students have taken part in the initiative since it started in 2008. National statistics show that one in five young driver’s crash within one year of passing their test. Training and education are essential in helping young, inexperienced drivers understand the risks of driving inappropriately.

Pre - driver courses

Road accidents are the biggest cause of accidental death for 14 to 25 year olds. We run our pre-driver sessions for sixth formers and college students across the borough. Presentations, videos and discussions form the basis of the course, which challenges attitudes to risk taking including speeding, drink driving, non-wearing of seatbelts, drug driving and more.

Motor and scooter riders 

Motor and scooter rider safety training is offered primarily to year 11 students in all senior schools in the borough. Unfortunately moped and scooter riders feature highly in road accident statistics. Our road safety officers are tackling this with a course of sessions in secondary schools, aimed at reducing these figures.

Year 7 

Our statistics show that children aged 10 -14 have an increased risk of becoming a pedestrian casualty. The move from junior to senior school often involves a longer or more varied journey and very frequently this is undertaken independently for the first time. We aim to visit every borough senior school and provide a timely reminder about the dangers they may face whilst using the roads and most importantly how they can avoid becoming a casualty. We cover:

These talks are a valuable reminder to children when they are at their most vulnerable!

Year 6 

The last year of primary school, is an important time as children are moving on to secondary school. As they do, they are usually given more freedom and may travel to school alone, rather than being supervised, but they are still vulnerable, particularly as pedestrians: a fact which shows in casualty data. We offer lessons to Year 6 children in the borough.  The lessons feature a powerful interactive presentation and video footage to illustrate the possible consequences of poor choices and include discussion to encourage the children in making safer decisions.


Scootsure is a playground activity carried out in school during lesson time with children in Year 2 and Year 3. It is intended to improve awareness for riders and pedestrians, making scooting to school a viable, active and sustainable alternative to using the car. 



Road safety

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