Bromley High Street, between Market Square and Elmfield Road , is a pedestrian area where vehicle access is controlled. 

Vehicle access to the pedestrian area is only possible from the south end at the junction with Elmfield Road , via a retractable bollard controlled by the council’s CCTV team.

Vehicle access between 9am and 5pm is restricted for emergency and public utility purposes only.  For all other times access is controlled through an application process for a Vehicle Access Permit.

Please note that if your application for access is to undertake activities at the request of a business/resident on the High Street you will need to provide the contact details of that business/resident as we will need to validate whether they have made that request.  Please note that access may not be possible until their request for your attendance has been confirmed.

When is a permit required 

Applications will only be considered for the following purpose

  • For carrying out infrequent specialised maintenance or building activities.

  • For carrying out infrequent delivery or collection of exceptionally large or heavy loads.

  • For carrying out collection or deliveries to No.128 High Street .

  • For carrying equipment being used as part of or escorts to parades, marches and organised activities.

Apply for a permit

Please complete the vehicle access permit application. Please note applications received less than 2 working days before the required date may not be processed within time.

Permit conditions

No vehicle to remain within the pedestrian area, that is, for parking purposes   

Restricted access times

The Bromley Charter Market takes place in the pedestrian area every Thursday, Friday and Saturday where access may be restricted during these times. Other events or promotions being held in the pedestrian area from time to time may also restrict access.

Access and exit instructions

Entry and exit times are only permissible before 9am and after 5pm or to suit special shopping hours and events.

Entering the pedestrian area:

  • Stop your vehicle in the yellow box
  • Do not follow through any vehicle in front
  • Press the call button on the black post to the right hand side of the vehicle
  • When your call is answered tell the operator your permit number.  Entry will not be allowed without a permit.
  • All conversations with the operator are recorded.  Any abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and entry will be refused.
  • Proceed only when the traffic signal is showing green and the bollard has lowered.
  • Within the pedestrian area the vehicle should be driven with extreme care at 5 mph, with hazard lights on, to the location requested.  When stationary, the vehicle should leave a minimum of 4 metres clear width to enable the passing of emergency vehicles.

Leaving the pedestrian area:

  • Do not enter the yellow box when another vehicle is coming into the pedestrian area.
  • When clear, stop your vehicle in the yellow box - do not follow through any vehicle in front.
  • When the traffic signal is showing green and the bollard has lowered, proceed with care

Bromley High Street, between Market Square and Elmfield Road is a pedestrian area where vehicle access is controlled under Traffic Management Order 1993 No.15. The Bromley (Prescribed Route) (No.6) (Pedestrianisation) Order 1993.