Documents required to support a school application

Admission to primary schools/infant schools and transfer to secondary school.

Reception intake September 2022 and Year 7 intake September 2022

Parent/s should provide a copy of the applicant child’s birth certificate – full version including parent/s name/s.

Bromley Admissions check council tax records for applicants for all year groups.

Additional information may be requested if necessary, for example, proof of a move to the applicant address if it has taken place within the last 12 months or a copy of the child benefit entitlement letter* to support the right to being considered as a sibling applicant.

*The child benefit letter is produced by HM Revenue and Customs regardless of whether you receive child benefit payments.

To request a copy, call HM Revenue and Customs on 0300 200 3100, for the voice activation service.  Give these answers:
Child benefit  /  Speak to an advisor  /   Education (choose from list of options) / No (are you the customer named on the claim)  / No (would you like to hear the information again) then hold for an advisor.  Confirm to the advisor that the letter is needed to support an application for school.

HM Revenue and Customs must be kept updated with details of any change in circumstances and claim forms should be completed for all children as child benefit entitlement records are used for National Insurance purposes and other allowances.

In year applications

Documents required are listed on the relevant In year application form.