Community Schools

Maintained by the Local Authority, but they have their own budgets and manage their own affairs. Religious education and worship is non-denominational and in accordance with an agreed syllabus.

Voluntary Aided and Voluntary Controlled Schools

These were originally provided within the borough by voluntary bodies such as the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church.

These are now maintained by the Local Authority, but manage their own budgets and affairs. Religious education will conform to the agreed syllabus and to the school's trust deed.

Voluntary Aided Schools set up by voluntary bodies continue to accept most of the costs of maintaining the school, and manage their own affairs. The Governors of the school exercise control over religious education and it will follow the teachings of the denomination set up within the school.

Foundation Schools

These have opted out of Local Authority control and the Governors have accepted full responsibility for running the school. Their funding comes via the Local Authority.


Schools that are directly funded by central government (the Department for Education) and is independent of local government control.

Allocating places at Academies, Voluntary Aided and Foundation Schools

In these cases, the Governing Body of the school is responsible for allocating places at the school and each school has its own admission criteria. When applying for a place at one of these schools, parents must complete Bromley's Common Application Form (CAF), but may be required to obtain a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) from the school and return it to the school by the closing date.