Secondary admissions guide - information on why the school offer has been made

Why was I offered this school?

The law requires the highest available school preference to be offered through the coordination process. If no named schools are able to make an offer because there are more children than places when the oversubscription criteria are applied, then the council is required to allocate an alternative school offer to ensure every child who has applied on-time has an offer of a school place on national offer day.

You will either have been offered the highest available named preference or will have received an allocated offer to an alternative school.

If you have been offered a place at your first preference school:

Your lower named preferences will be marked as no longer required. If you still wish for your child to be considered for one or more of these schools, you can submit a request in writing to admissions and transport to ask for your child to be added to the relevant school(s) waiting list. Please refer to ‘Waiting lists and additional preferences’.

If you have not been offered a place at your first preference school:

Your higher named preferences had more applications than places available and your child had a lower priority than other applicants under the individual school’s published oversubscription criteria than the last child offered a place.

Where your child could not be offered a place at any of the named preferences, London Borough of Bromley (in line with its statutory duty) has secured a place at an alternative school with a vacancy.

It is important to advise that this is the school that can be offered on national offer day and does not mean it is the school your child must attend. National offer day is the first phase of the school offer process. There will be movement which result from places being accepted or refused between now and September.  You have the option to continue to pursue your preferred schools by seeking for your child to be placed on the waiting list and/or via the appeals processes for your named preferences.