Short breaks are opportunities for disabled children and young people to have time away from their families or primary carers, to relax and have fun.

They also provide parents and carers of disabled children with a necessary and valuable break from their caring responsibilities.

Short breaks can range from a few hours to an overnight break, and can take place inside the home or away from it, such as holiday, weekend or after-school activities.

Who are short breaks for?

Short breaks may be available to those who care for a child with a disability or special needs and lives in Bromley.

The type of short break available will depend on the individual child - for example some activities are tailored for a particular age group or for a specific need, such as autism. The level of support a child and their family is entitled to depends on the complexity and nature of the child’s disability.

The support is categorised into three levels:

  1. Universal services -These are short breaks that are available to all children in Bromley, whether disabled or not.
  2. Targeted services - These are short breaks set up to provide activities for disabled children only. 
  3. Specialist services - These are services for disabled children with the most complex needs.

You can learn more about short breaks along with details of the eligibility criteria.