Every school has the support of an educational psychologist - a specialist on how children and young people develop and learn.

They offer assessment, advice and support to parents and teachers where there is a concern about the development, learning or behaviour of children and young people. Educational psychologists only work with young children with a parent/carer's agreement.

Who can get support

Young children, pupils and families are eligible for the involvement of an educational psychologist when:

  • the family of a pre school child is resident in the borough;
  • the pupil is resident in the borough and attends a Bromley school;
  • the pupil is resident in Bromley but attends a special school out of borough

Services can include

  • a home visit where the child referred is not yet at school;
  • consultation with school staff and parents;
  • observation and interaction with the pupil within the school or pre school provision;
  • individual assessment;
  • advice and support for interventions

Next steps

If parents are concerned that their child may have special educational needs they should in the first instance speak to the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) at the school or pre school setting. The school or setting will be able to intervene and monitor progress. If the difficulties persist the SENCO, with parental permission, will inform the educational psychology service. If a parent of a very young child is concerned, a discussion with the allocated health visitor or doctor would be advisable.

Educational psychology service

Telephone: 020 8313 4141

Fax: 020 8313 4145