What is the purple sack scheme?

The purple sack scheme allows registered Street Friends, our environmental volunteers, to dispose of the following things in purple plastic sacks, free of charge:

  • litter collected from either the pavement or a public footpath - leaves collected from streets in the autumn.

It should not be used to dispose of any domestic waste or litter and leaves collected from private land.

To find out more and register as a Street Friend, please visit our Street Friends web page.

How can I get purple sacks?

Purple sacks can be obtained in multiples of 10, by ringing the purple sack hotline on 0203 567 4095 - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The phone line will usually be answered Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 5pm. A message with your name, telephone number, full address (including post code) and the number of sacks you require can be left at other times. The bags will usually be delivered within a week.

Please ensure you are a registered Street Friend prior to making contact. Find out how to register your interest in being a street friend

Where do I leave the purple sacks full of litter or leaves?

They can be left on the pavement in a street that is cleaned by the council next to any lamp column, tree or signage pole so they do not create a tripping hazard. 

They should not be left in a public footpath or in a litter bin.

How do I get full purple sacks collected?

Please ring the purple sack hotline on 0203 567 4070 stating where the bags have been left. You will need to give a house number (or building/landmark) and street name that the lamp column, tree or signage pole is outside (i.e. not just the number of the lamp column). The sacks will be collected by the next working day.

Why are the sacks purple?

If someone is seen leaving a sack in the street, we know they are likely to be a volunteer and are not fly tipping.

Can I use the hotline to report any green and black plastic sacks I spot in the street?

The hotline number can also be used to report any green plastic sacks left by the street cleansing contractor, or if you spot another volunteer’s purple sacks that have not been collected within 24 hours.

Black plastic sacks that you suspect have been fly tipped should be reported via www.bromley.gov.uk/report or our Customer Contact Centre on 0300 303 8658 if you do not have access to the internet.  

How can I report hazardous waste or large fly tips that are not suitable for the purple sack scheme?

Please report these via our Customer Contact Centre on 0300 303 8658.