Street lighting improvement programme

Lighting the way to Net Zero

Work to replace Bromley's street lights with energy saving LED lighting is continuing as the remaining 6,276 lanterns in residential roads are being replaced in the latest £3.2 million scheme. Over three quarters of Bromley’s 29,000 streetlights have already been upgraded to LED lighting.

A previous street lighting project focused on replacing old lanterns with LEDs on main traffic routes, was completed in March 2021 and is now saving £380,000 annually in reduced energy and maintenance costs and is preventing 600 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. Prior to this, street lighting upgrades to 12,000 units in residential roads dating back to 2013 have already saved the council hundreds of thousands of pounds and prevented thousands of tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. 

The latest scheme is expected to save a further £183,000 and 246 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. That’s the equivalent of taking 60 petrol cars off the road, annually.

Continuation of these important projects is helping the council to; maximise energy savings, provide more reliable lighting to residents and motorists, achieve the council’s 2029 net zero carbon target and maximise financial savings to support other frontline services.

The final phase of streetlighting upgrades began following agreement at the September 2021August Environment and Community Services Policy Development and Scrutiny (PDS) Committee meeting.

Who is carrying out the work and when will it be complete?

Riney the council’s highways and street lighting contractor, are scheduled to complete the work before the end of June 2022

Where will the new LED lanterns be installed?

Low energy LED lanterns will be installed in all remaining residential roads, and existing ornate lanterns in the boroughs town centres and conservation areas will be converted to LEDs.